Boabs cast in aluminium by various artists

Shining boabs

As a traditional cultural practice, Kimberley artists have long been engraving designs onto the iconic boab nut, often inspired by animal totems, stories of country and the patterns of nature, marking their value as significant cultural artefacts. In a stroke of brilliance, and demonstrating their willingness to explore new mediums, the senior and emerging Waringarri artists converted their boab designs to be cast in aluminium. The result of a dynamic partnership with Wesfarmers, the aluminium boabs reveal the intensity and beauty of the designs. Warringari artists have continued to experiment with new mediums for their boab carvings: large, beautifully designed bronze boabs greet visitors at the Kununurra airport, and slip- cast porcelain boabs re also being created.

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Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

One big mob altogether so that our grandchildren’s, children’s children will know their culture.

The artists say, ‘This place - it’s a good art centre!’ And it is. In the heart of Miriwoong country the Centre is focused on maintaining and passing on culture through dance, story and painting to...


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