The Kodja Place

A tool for reconciliation

Interpreting the shared history of Kojonup, the Kodja Place shows what is possible when a community works together. The centre unpacks ‘multi-cultural points of view about the land, life and history’ in the Kojonup area. Outside, the site includes the rose maze and three stories from Noongar, English and Italian women: Yoondi, Elizabeth and Maria. Inside you can view items and read stories from many of Kojonup’s citizens, Noongars and Non-Indigenous alike. Walk through a replica of the Reserve house, similar to those found on the local Aboriginal Reserve. Hear the moving words of Elvie Riley as she talks about life on the reserve. View items from the region's farming history, like an overhead shearing plant and sheep stock ear tags. The interpretative displays also give an insight into the people of the region and changing attitudes to farming, such as Boscabel’s Dick Mathwin's frustration, “Bloody hell, I spent 40 years of my working life knocking down trees and now you want me to plant them again!” The site also includes a gift shop, café and visitor centre to find out more information about the region.


143 Albany Hwy
Kojonup WA 6395

Opening Hours
Mon to Sun 9am - 4pm
Off the back of the sheep

Local farmers donated these sheep tags for use in the shearing display. In the exhibition you will find out about aspects of the demanding history of farming and settlement. There are stories recorded...

The wheels on the bus go...

A full-size school bus in a museum is a rare site! In earlier days a total of 25 small schools were established throughout the Kojonup district. The introduction of school buses meant children were...

Original axe

A kodj is an axe which was made by Noongar people of the South West. ‘Kojonup’ translates to ‘place of the stone of the kodj’. Balga (or Xanthorrhea or grass tree) resin was mixed with plant fibre...

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There's always more

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A secret society

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