Northcliffe Pioneer Museum

Northcliffe is known as the town which refused to die. In 1924, 2,000 parents and children came to the forests of Northcliffe under the Group Settlement Scheme. The conditions were so difficult that they were still living in shacks even twelve months later. The Scheme failed and the settlers were left to either walk off their block, or try to eke out a living. Those who stayed worked hard and survived against all odds, and the town of Northcliffe exists because of their efforts and determination. These qualities are held within the very fabric of the Museum, which is made up of historical buildings which have been relocated to the site, as well as in the stories told by the collections inside. Nine photo books have been produced by the Museum to make some of its extensive photographic collection more accessible to visitors. Look out for the intriguing photos of the members of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes and the ancient Order of Druids. A huge collection of rocks and fossils is displayed on rows and rows of shelves in the room showing the George Gardner Collection, assembled by a local sleeper cutter who became an expert on the local country. Speaking about how he learnt so much, Gardner said “All you need is a willingness to keep your eyes open and to observe rather than just look”. The legacy of his keen observation and curiosity is now available to be enjoyed by all.


Wheatly Coast Road
Opposite the Post Office
Northcliffe WA 6262

Opening Hours

7 days 10am - 3pm

These small paintings tell a story of resilience, resourcefulness and longing for home. The artist was Vic Romano, an Italian POW, one of two hundred who lived at what was once Group Settlement 147...

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