Shell House

Treasured shell house

This wooden house is adorned with a cloak of sea-shells picked from the beaches and crafted in South Australia. It took the fancy of Will Allen, who packed it with his most treasured belongings when he moved to Carnamah in 1929. Allen farmed at Mi Blu Aven Farm from 1929 until his death in 1961. Allen handed the house down to his daughter Jeanette, and it was donated to the Carnamah Historical Society after the distribution of her estate in 1999.

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Carnamah Museum and Macpherson Homestead

Take a stroll through Carnamah History

A stroll through the Carnamah Historical Society's museum is like a journey through the region’s past. You’ll find an extensive collection of old machinery and tools in the Museum’s yard and sheds...


10 Macpherson St
Carnamah WA 6517

Open Hours

Fri 1:30pm - 5pm

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