Bluebird Discovery Centre

One Man, His Dream, Our Lake

A New Year’s Eve to remember: Breaking the world water speed record at 444.71 km/h. Blink and you would miss the moment! On 31 December 1964, on Lake Dumbleyung, in his hydroplane Bluebird K7, Donald Campbell broke the world water speed record. The Bluebird K7 with a 4000lb thrust Beryl engine used 49 litres of kerosene a minute. Campbell is the only person to break the world water speed record and land speed record in the same year. He broke the land speed record at Lake Eyre, South Australia on 17 July 1964. The Bluebird Discovery Centre, located in the old Post Office and current Dumbleyung Community Resource Centre, pays homage to this historical world recording - breaking moment. Also look out for Mr Whoppit the mascot. Make sure you visit the Bluebird K7 replica located just across the road and there is also a self-led exhibition of early settler history, at the old railway building.


28 Absolon Street
Dumbleyung WA 6350

Opening Hours
Mon 9:30am - 4:30pm; Tues to Fri 9am - 4:30pm

Mr Whoppit was Donald Campbell's mascot, who accompanied him during his water and land speed record attempts. Mr Whoppit also had a Bluebird patch stitched onto his little red jacket. The Mister...

It takes a team

Breaking a world record requires a whole team of engineers, mechanics, support staff and sponsors. Although originally sponsored by BP, Donald Campbell secured sponsorship from Ampol for the world...

Journey of a win

This is an album of photographs from Donald Campbell's 1964 record-breaking event. The album includes photographs of the very brief moment he broke the water speed record at 276.33 mph (444.71 km/h).

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