Sherry glass

An unfashionable drop

Sherry was often served at local pubs, clubs and hotels throughout Western Australia, until the 1970s, when it fell out of fashion. These sherry glasses are from Hotel Kellerberrin which once stood on the corner of Ripper and Massington Streets, until it was substantially destroyed by fire. The hotel owner, Thomas Stuart Patterson, was also a philanthropist who funded the St Joseph’s Preventorium in Kellerberrin.

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Kellerberrin Museum

A local museum with many a story to tell.

This intimate collection in the original Agricultural Hall, beautifully unpacks the local history of Kellerberrin. The hall opened in 1897, and up until 1972 it was used as a school, courthouse and...


Cnr Bedford Street and Leake Street
Kellerberrin WA 6410

Open Hours

Sun 10am - 12pm by appointment only.

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