Warden Finnerty’s Residence

A collection in a national trust stone building

The simple grandeur of this stone house sitting atop Montana Hill, overlooking Coolgardie, is impressive. The view from the veranda is amazing, but don't forget the collection inside. The house was built for John Michael Finnerty the first Warden, or Magistrate in Coolgardie. The house is laid out with a collection of items from the later 1890s to the early 1900s. The items reflect how Finnerty and his family may have used the house. You can also enjoy an afternoon Devonshire tea. Of course, there is a Coolgardie safe in the collection: perhaps that is where the jam and cream are kept?


2 McKenzie Street
Coolgardie WA 6429

Opening Hours

Sat to Wed 11am - 4pm; or by appointment.

Coolgardie Cool

A trip to Coolgardie has to entail looking at an original Coolgardie Safe. Before fridges existed, many households kept food cool inside a Coolgardie Safe, which was invented in the late 1890s. The...

Instructions for applying bandages

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The finer things in life

This ornate cutlery set was owned by Elizabeth Finnerty, the eldest daughter of John Michael and Bertha Finnerty. It must have contributed to many special occasions and seemed very fine in the context...

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