The Windmills Shed

A farmer's love of windmills

A collection not to be missed! The extremely rare Steel Wings windmill at the entrance to Wimera Farm signal that this is a special visitor experience. The windmill collection, developed by local farmer Jim Sawyer, is housed in two sheds on the family farm, with about 100 restored windmills in the collection. As Jim will tell you, “Without the windmill, there would be no one in the Outback”. Jim has travelled Australia to find windmills, often bringing home only the rusted-out windmill head and gears. He lovingly restores each windmill and spends many hours researching and sourcing parts through his international network of windmill folk. Jim loves windmills so much he even managed to establish two windmills on the highway in and out of Dalwallinu. Look at for the distinctive waving men on the windmills as you drive through town.


Wimera Farm
66 Dalwallinu Kalannie Road
Dalwallinu WA 6609

Opening Hours
Contact Jim Sawyer on the number provided.
Finding information about mills

There is a similar windmill to this in the Greenfield Village Ford Museum, in Michigan in the United States of America. Jim is part of an international network of windmill enthusiasts who assist each...

A windmill that waves at you

This is a sectional windmill, in which the blades move in and out, flapping like wings. There is no vane on this windmill design, because it uses an offset balance weight. This means that the mill is...

Standing above the dam

This windmill tail is from a 2.5m tall State Implement Work’s windmill, which was made in Rocky Bay, North Fremantle. It was erected on Wimmera Farm’s first dam in 1917.

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