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For a town that was only gazetted in 1961, the Kununurra Museum has amassed an amazing amount of information, objects and stories about the town and the history of the surrounding region. From 2,000-million-year-old (MYO) fossilised stromatolites, geological explanations about the famed 600 MYO zebra rock, to the 1963 Royal Tour, combined with the full story of tropical agriculture from the 1880s that led to the National Development of the Ord River Irrigation Project, this Museum provides a wealth of visual and digital information.


72 Coolibah Drive Kununurra
Kununurra WA 6743

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 12.30pm - 5.30pm

WWII comes to the East Kimberley

Just a month after Darwin was first attacked by Japanese aircraft in 1942, a Royal Australian Air Force 12 Squadron Wirraway A20-62—Australia’s first mass-produced war-plane—was on a salvage mission...

Opening of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme

“Developing the North” has been the catch cry of Governments and the dream of many. Inspired by Steinberg's plans to establish a Jewish settlement in the north, in March 1941, Kim Durack, the son of...

More North West collections

Plenty of gold still here

Gold fever hit Marble Bar in the 1890s but the rocky hills and alluvial creeks hold much more that gold. Situated 9 kilometres from Marble Bar, adjacent to the old Comet gold mine, this gem of a...

Hip-bone-sticking-out: Welcome to Murujuga

Nganjarli (Deep Gorge) trail is the first public walk to welcome visitors to the people, culture and rock art of the Murujuga National Park, which is proposed as a world heritage site. Opened in 2021...

Kimberley artists abound

The Shinju Matsuri Art Awards is an open competition and exhibition for Broome and Kimberley based artists, held every year as a core event of Broome’s annual Shinju Matsuri Festival. The overall...

Karratha's local history

Located in the stunning Red Earth Arts Precinct built in 2018 that incorporates a public library, a dual-purpose theatre/cinema,rehearsal spaces and exhibition areas, the City of Karratha Local...

While you're in the area

Kimberley Croc Motel
Kimberley Croc Motel
In the heart of Kununurra lays a hidden gem - the Kimberley Croc Motel...
20 Riverfig Avenue, Kununurra, WA 6743
Mirima (Hidden Valley) National Park
Mirima (Hidden Valley) National Park
Often referred to as a mini version of the Bungle Bungle range, Mirima...
Hidden Valley Road, Kununurra, WA 6743
Kimberleyland Waterfront Holiday Park
Kimberleyland Waterfront Holiday Park
Kimberleyland Waterfront Holiday Park lies front and centre to the heart...
1519 Victoria Highway, Kununurra, WA 6743
Warmun Art Centre
Warmun Art Centre
Warmun Art Centre is owned and governed by Gija people with 100 per cent...
Kununurra, WA 6743