Radioactivity warning sign

Stay away!

In the aftermath of World War 2 and the onset of the Cold War in the 1950’s, Australia and its British allies were obsessed with defending their shores at any cost. Atomic warfare was considered a good option. In 1952 Onslow became the staging point for Operation Hurricane, so the Royal Navy and British scientists moved into the town. on 3 October 1952 they detonated Britain’s first atomic weapon on a frigate offshore at the Montebello Islands. It was only much later that the greater threat of radioactive sickness from the clouds of radioactive particles that drifted over the continent was realised, and the area became a restricted zone. This sign was taken from the island when the area was opened again. With warnings in several languages, it may have been too late to avoid contamination by the time passing mariners may have read the sign! in 2004 the Montebello Islands were re-opened and became a marine park.

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Onslow Visitors Centre and Goodshed Museum

Cyclone city survives

For dedicated lovers of ‘old things’, the Onslow Goodshed Museum is a treat not to be missed when travelling the west coast. The Museum documents the history of Onslow and its well-deserved reputation...


52 Second Avenue
Onslow WA 6710

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April to October 7 days 10am - 3pm

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