University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome Campus

Collecting the Kimberley through art

Since its inception as an educational campus for Kimberley communities, the University of Notre Dame’s campus in Broome has also been committed to collecting and exhibiting the art generated from their Kimberley parish communities. Many of the artists have since become internationally acclaimed. The UNDA art collection comprising paintings, drawings, sculpture, artefacts, prints and other items, is testament to the varied artistic skills of their community and to the emergence of a strong synchronicity between Catholicism and Aboriginal belief systems. The Painting the Future exhibition, along with cabinets of artefacts and artworks, are on permanent display in the foyer of the University library, whilst other items in the collection are held in an archive, and can be viewed on request.


88 Guy Street
Broome WA 6725

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 8am – 5pm
Jesus as emu spirit

Matthew Tjupurrula Gill is a Christian Kukatja artist of the remote Balgo Hills community in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Gill became an ambassador for his people and the church...

Emus and love

Beautifully articulated in the dot-style painting of the western desert, Beagle Bay artist Peter Achill presents two perspectives of emus, meeting and creating new life, in the billabong country of...

Getting Christian

Acclaimed artist Queenie McKenzie painted this work for the Painting the Future exhibition in 1998. Queenie said, ‘My painting shows Mary, Joseph and Jesus telling stories to Gija people after they...

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Waking up the spirit

Waking up the spirit of the Country through songs, dance, art and story, by sharing and teaching young people, is what the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre does to keep their culture alive...

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