Martumili Artists

Art of the Eastern Pilbara

Martumili is the home of western desert artists – a vibrant hub for Martu artists from six remote desert communities scattered across the Western, Great Sandy, Sandy and Gibson deserts. These artists came together to paint Country and culture, saying that it makes them pukurlpa – happy inside. As the senior artists paint their Country they remember their pujiman (bush) days when they lived in the desert. They want to share their experiences with their young people. With over 500 artists on their books, Martumili is one of the youngest, yet largest art centres in Australia. Its art is collected and displayed all around the world. Martumili’s new home is a large, well-designed open shed that provides studios, workspaces, library, offices, archives and framing areas. In the middle is the Martumili gallery and shop that showcases exhibitions (which often travel the nation) and sales.


East Pilbara Arts Centre
Newman Drive
Newman WA 6753

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 10am - 4pm; Sat 10am - 2pm; December to January closed
Traditional story

Curtis Taylor is an internationally recognised Martu artist who comfortably walks in two worlds. Using a diverse range of media, from painting to animated films, he interprets his culture and life in...

Women's work

Beautifully colourful and lively, this collection of baskets sits permanently on the high walls of the Martumili Artists’ gallery. Using the soft but hardy minarri grasses, these bowls are no longer...

Mapping Country

Lying at the heart of Martu Country is Karlamilyi, part of the Ruddall River National Park, one of the world’s largest inland rivers. Martu sister artists, Amy French and Lily Long Jatarr, grew up...

More North West collections

This is the place of Yawuru

Representing the Yawuru people, the traditional owners of the country around Broome, Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY) is committed to a vision of mabu liyan, mabu buru, mabu ngarrangunil – Good liyan, (well...

Kununurra stories

For a town that was only gazetted in 1961, the Kununurra Museum has amassed an amazing amount of information, objects and stories about the town and the history of the surrounding region. From 2,000...

Muddy waters

Situated on the edge of the Derby marsh, surrounded by the iconic boab trees of this region, stands the Wharfinger House Museum. Built in the 1920s, it is situated in the former home of the manager of...

Karijini - history, culture and nature

Twisting through the Hamersley Ranges, now famous for iron ore deposits, lies Karijini National Park, with Karijini being the Banyjima name for this area. Visitors can explore the ancient country of...

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