Boyup Brook Museum

A secret society

In many towns the list of historic buildings includes the local Masonic Lodge. The Freemasons were exclusively male, non-Catholic and often with significant influence on the ‘goings-on’ in the town. As the membership of the Freemasons has declined over the years and Lodges have closed, the fate of these handsome brick buildings has varied from town to town. The Freemasons of Boyup Brook wanted their building to be used by the community and in 1994 offered it to the Historical Society to create a museum. The Temple of the Lodge has been kept intact, along with many of the items of ceremonial significance. Step inside to discover some of the intricacies of Masonic ceremony. The symbols and rules of Freemasons can be traced back to their origin as stonemasons, with every ceremonial item representing a virtue. This is a unique setting, and though it can never answer everyone’s questions about the Freemasons, it certainly gives some fascinating insights. Alongside the old Lodge are a number of buildings which house a wide range of items from Boyup Brook's history, including the Dinninup railway siding building, the morgue for the old hospital and the Kullicup school house. A display of machinery and items from the clover seed industry date from the 1930s to 1950s when this industry was a major part of the local economy.


25 Cailes Street (previously Jayes Rd)
Boyup Brook WA 6244

Opening Hours

Wed, Thurs & Fri 10am - 3pm; or by appointment.

At a Masonic meeting, the rituals start before you even enter the Temple. This brass knocker is symbolic in its design and the way it was used. Three knocks were required from the Mason seeking...

Within this three-sided pyramid are the symbols which relate to stonemasonry, the group’s foundation. The items relating to what is known as the ‘second degree’ include a small metal upright ruler...

Who would have guessed that a phrase in common usage comes from the ancient rituals of Freemasonry? The expression ‘to be blackballed’ which means to be rejected or excluded, stems from a Masonic...

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