Greenbushes Discovery Centre

Touch the past, live the present, imagine the future

There is a great love of local history in this pretty town. Look out for the purple and orange signs which make up the Heritage Amble. This is an entertaining walk trail which takes you along the streets in the town centre, sharing information on past shops and businesses. At the Greenbushes Discovery Centre you can pick up a brochure called the Heritage Amble Game which makes the walk even more engaging and fun. The Discovery Centre has many cleverly presented exhibits which not only inform but provide an entertaining experience. Information on local history, the environment, Nyoongar culture, timber processing and mining is presented with interactive technology and clear information. Don’t miss going into the Discovery Decline, a noisy and entertaining mine experience! Tin mining began in the area in 1888 and mining continues to be a major employer in the town. Nowadays the precious product is lithium ore (or spodumene) which is used in mobile phones, ceramics, glass and batteries.


38 Blackwood Road
Greenbushes WA 6254

Opening Hours

Wed, Fri & Sat 10am - 2pm

The Coondie Stick is a Nyoongar implement made from the jam tree (acacia) and sits alongside a Wanna, a women’s digging stick. Sounds of birdsong and a Nyoongar welcome fill the air as you enter this...

This vintage bicycle was the workhorse for the grocer’s delivery boy, and a drink from the water bag would have offered welcome relief while delivering goods around town. With a fully laden basket it...

Sport brings people together in country towns, as well as creating fierce rivalries! These items of football memorabilia reflect different eras of the game of football in the Greenbushes area. One of...

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An unusual story about ‘Kobeelya’, a Western Australian country boarding school for girls from 1922 to 1986, in the former Coach House.

Kobeelya and Kobeelya Penrhos school collections are in the Coach House at Kobeelya on the grounds of the Katanning Baptist Church and Conference Centre. The Kobeelya Church of England Girls’ School...

A secret society

In many towns the list of historic buildings includes the local Masonic Lodge. The Freemasons were exclusively male, non-Catholic and often with significant influence on the ‘goings-on’ in the town...

Not far from the Blackwood River bridge is the Nannup Historical Society, housed in the old Roads Board building. Leaving the vibrant garden surrounding the building and stepping inside, you can...

Welcome to Harvey’s World

Be prepared to be amazed. “Welcome to Harvey’s World” declares the sign which stands proudly in the rodeo ground, and that is exactly what you enter – the world of the colourful character of Harvey...

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