Bridgetown Police Station Museum

A South West highlight - compelling insight into local history

Bridgetown Historical Society curates the museum within the original Bridgetown Police Station and Lockup 1880. The graffitied cell walls and the well-worn floorboards of this 1880 building speak of the many people that have spent time here, either as police or as prisoners. The early settlement was called ‘Geegelup’, taken from the Pibulmun/Wadandi people’s term for the freshwater crustaceans in the local brook (now known as gilgies). In 1868 the town was proclaimed as Bridgetown. The Aboriginal history is not lost, however, in fact it is incorporated as an important part of the story of this building and the district. In recent years, the Historical Society has consulted with local Elders to develop the current displays. Changing exhibitions draw on the extensive photographic collection of more than 1500 items.


148 Hampton St
Bridgetown WA 6255

Opening Hours

Sat 10am - 1pm; Other times on request.

The Dog Act 1883 required that owners register their dogs with their local Road Board. This rare metal dog tag was issued by the Nelson Road Board in 1907. This was the name of the district which was...

Imprisonment was an inhumane experience. Only Aboriginal prisoners were chained to this heavy chain which was anchored through this gap in the wall of the lock-up. Chains were secured to neck braces...

The story of arrival is told through this display of suitcases. Each case tells a different story: a Group Settler’s wooden trunk from 1925; a leather trunk of a family of means who created the farm...

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