Grocer's delivery bicycle


This vintage bicycle was the workhorse for the grocer’s delivery boy, and a drink from the water bag would have offered welcome relief while delivering goods around town. With a fully laden basket it was a heavy bicycle to pedal, and the small front wheel meant that it easily became top heavy and ‘front end’ heavy as well. The delivery boy remembers an occasion when he challenged the baker’s delivery boy to a race. The baker’s delivery bike was a three-wheeler, with two wheels at the front, either side of the large bread box. On this particular day, the bread box was full, but the grocery basket was empty. Racing down a narrow laneway, the grocer delivery boy got ahead, then cut in front of the baker’s bicycle. But too soon! The bread box ended up on the back wheel of the bike in front, with the bread scattered in all directions! No injuries, just some dust to be wiped off the bread, and all was well!

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