Ballidu Contemporary Arts Society and Ballidu Lodge Art Gallery

Bringing a community together

Ballidu Contemporary Arts Society was started with the intention of engaging audiences in contemporary art practices. The Society and the Ballidu Lodge Art Gallery have contributed to a vibrant art community in this little Wheatbelt town. The Society holds regular exhibitions, host artists-in-residence, and have installed sculptures around town. Look out for the 'Three Emus', 'Big Bird' 'The Time Clock' and the four War Memorial Statues, created in 2015 to commemorate the ‘100 Years of Anzac’


Old Masonic Hall
19 Fairbank St
Ballidu WA 6606

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm; Sat 8.30am - 5pm; Sun 9am - 12.30pm

In the blue

This acrylic work on paper, pained by Penny Coss in 2001, was gifted to Ballidu Lodge Gallery in 2001 during Penny's joint Artist Residency with Diane Jackson. Penny is a multidisciplinary artist who...

The frequent visitor

Michael O’Doherty created this plate (acrylic on clay) in 1994 during his artist residency at Ballidu Lodge Gallery. The painting is of the old Masonic Hall in which the art gallery is housed. Michael...

At the altar

This Uniting Church oil painting is the product of a collaboration between artist in residence John Paul, local artist and farmer Peter Phillips, and the Ballidu Contemporary Arts Society in 2004 and...

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While you're in the area

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Reynoldson's Flora Reserve
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Old Ballidu Road, Wongan Hills, WA 6603