Minnivale Rail and Heritage Centre

A collection of rail carriages in a disused wheatbin

Have you ever wondered what was inside the large silver wheat bins which litter the Wheatbelt landscape? Wonder no more! Step inside a decommissioned wheatbin which houses a collection of rail carriages. The Minnivale Wheat Bin opened in 1964 as a bulk handling wheat facility. A railway line goes into the centre of the wheat bin. This is a new addition to the bin and was installed to get the locomotive and carriages into the museum. Rail carriages were once filled with grain, from a siding rail, which went alongside the wheatbin. Amongst the rolling stock on display, you can see a ‘bogie van,’ a type of rail wagon made in Western Australia for bulk handling grain and an original diesel locomotive used on the Wheatbelt railway lines. There is even a Kalamazoo, a hand motion pump cart, in the collection, which sits on train tracks.


Hewitt Street
Minnivale WA 6462

Opening Hours
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Dowerin trolley

The spelling on this trolley is probably the closest to how a local might pronounce Dowerin. Local train stations in Western Australia had their own locally branded trolleys, to ensure they didn't go...

Green engine

An important part of WA rail history sits quietly on the tracks in the Minnivale wheat bin. The AB 1535 diesel locomotive is a slight modification of the original A class built in the 1960s. There...

Do you smell rabbit?

This rail carriage was used for carrying rabbit carcasses to Perth. In the early 1900s rabbit populations had reached plague proportions and by the 1920s there was a large industry in trapping rabbits...

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