Strawberry Hill at Barmup

Walking along the path towards the historic house, enjoy the lush gardens around you. As well as being beautiful, they illustrate why this location was an important place for both the Menang people and the colonists. Water was available here, in a water course fed by springs and rain which ran off the surrounding granite hills, and the soil was fertile. The British colonisers established their first farm in Western Australia here and named it Strawberry Hill. More information on the significance of this place can be found in the contemporary Visitor Hub, from where a volunteer will then guide you through the cultural landscape and heritage buildings. Self-guided tours of the grounds are also available. This was the first historic house the National Trust of Western Australia opened to the public, back in 1966.


174 Middleton Road
Albany WA 6330

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Every item in this historic house has an intriguing history, and this silver teapot is no exception. Before coming to the fledgling colony, Sir Richard Spencer, who built this house, was a British...

These formal portraits of Lady Anne and Sir Richard Spencer may have been painted between 1833 - 1839, when Sir Richard was the Resident Magistrate in the small struggling settlement of Albany...

Step back into the 1890s in this painting of Strawberry Hill. “Gussie” Knight, an art teacher and member of the West Australian Society of Arts, painted this for her friend Augusta Maude Bird, who...

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Strawberry Hill at Barmup
Strawberry Hill at Barmup
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