Chiverton House Museum

Historic house of former mining pioneer

The sweeping verandahs and many rooms of Northampton’s Chiverton House Museum were once the home of mining pioneer Captain Samuel Mitchell, who led work on the Geraldine Lead Mine at nearby Galena in the late 1800s. Convicts are thought to have built the premises, to house Mitchell and his many children. He had seven children with his first wife and a further 10 with his second.He died at Chiverton house in 1912. Today the building transports you back to the late 1800s to gain an appreciation of life for the miners and farmers and their families. Outside, you’ll find a vast array of historic farming machinery and vintage cars. While you're in the area visit other local collections, such as the RSL / Visitor Centre and Lynton Convict Depot.


166 Hampton Rd
Northampton WA 6535

Opening Hours

Opening hours vary, so call the Northampton Visitor Centre on 08 9934 1488

Straitjacket for prisoner restraint

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Creative pursuits ease worries for mother of a soldier

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Bringing music to life

In the 1920s a four-year-old girl, Nell Box, was ecstatic to receive this children’s gramophone as a gift. She’d carefully place her record of choice on the gramophone, turn the handle and listen in...

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Chiverton House Museum
Chiverton House Museum
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