Nyabing Historical Society Inc.

Come and find out about the locally famous peach and steak pie!

An important location on the railway line, Nyabing's history is captured at the Settlers Hall. Built in 1915, the hall has been used as a school, Road Board offices, community hall and church. It was saved from the bulldozer and moved to its current site in 2008. The Nyabing Historical Society managed the relocation and refurbishment of the hall, to share its collection of items donated by locals throughout the district.


Richmond Street
Nyabing WA 6341

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 9am - 4pm; or by prior appointment

Sending eggs to market

Transporting delicate items like dozens of eggs required a special case. Mrs A Marshall sent eggs weekly to market on board the train bound for Katanning.

Upside down peach and steak pie

You will have to visit Nyabing Historical Society to request Mrs L. Browne’s recipe for upside down peach and steak pie. The cookbook was produced by the people of the district to raise funds for the...

Ice cream

Every week the corner shop shop owner drove to Perth and back to Nyabing with fresh supplies of ice-cream. This container, from the Peters ice cream company, kept the ice-cream tubs cold for the long...

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