Wuddi Aboriginal Cultural Centre

A prominent place to learn about the Noongar history of Dambarling (Lake Dumbleyung).

This is a great place to stop, enjoy Noongar artworks and other collection items, and find a keepsake at the shop. Anne and Grant Riley run cultural tours around the lake, where you can learn about traditional foods which once sustained Wilmen Nyoongar people. The cultural tours work with local organisations to showcase djilgi (yabbie) and weitj (emu)stories in the local area. You will be shown sites around Dambarling (the name for Lake Dumbelyung), including gnamma holes (secret rock water-holes) and learn about local bird life and cultural activities like ‘dumbung’ the local Nyoongar game with a stick.


22 Harvey Street
Dumbleyung WA 6350

Opening Hours
Wed to Sat 9.30am - 3pm
Listen to Country

When you live in Nyoongar Country (South West of Western Australia), using the Nyoongar six seasons is a more accurate way of defining the seasons. A great example is the difference in weather from...

A feather treasure

This lampshade was made by a local artist and has been embellished with weitj (emu) feathers. The feathers come from a local emu farm, which is also part of the cultural tour you can book at the Wuddi...

Two fat healthy babies

Centre owner Anne Riley purchased this acrylic painting for the collection. Anne bought the item as the two healthy babies just resonated with her. The painting sits in pride of place in the...

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Wuddi Cultural Centre
Wuddi Cultural Centre
The Wuddi Cultural Centre is located 3 hours south of Perth in the...
66 Absolon Street, Dumbleyung, WA 6350
Lake Dumbleyung
Lake Dumbleyung
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Wagin Road, Dumbleyung, WA 6350