10 Places That Will Transport You to Another World

Explore other-worldly experiences throughout Western Australia.

Welcome to a journey beyond the ordinary, where museums, collections and landscapes of Western Australia reveal their otherworldly secrets. From an immersive gravity centre to historical museums, Western Australia is home to places that defy expectations and ignite the imagination. Read on to embark on the exploration of the surreal, the mysterious, and the awe-inspiring destinations that transport travellers to realms unlike any other. 

Australia’s Golden Outback 

Walkaway Station Museum 

Standing on the platform of the former Walkaway Station evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting visitors back to a bustling era of train travel and community activity. Originally a post office opened in 1888, the site transformed into a railway station in 1894, serving as a vital hub for passenger transport and the shipment of produce and livestock. Today, the meticulously preserved two-storey stone building and adjoining rooms serve as a museum, housing a captivating collection of historic artifacts that offer insights into early life in this farming district. Adjacent to the station, a purpose-built shed protects an entire 0 Class locomotive and its associated equipment, providing a tangible connection to Walkaway's rich railway heritage.

A room with a chalkboard and a sign

The Big Camera - Museum of Photography 

Say cheese! Would you visit one of the largest working camera displays in the Southern Hemisphere? If you said yes you’ll want to walk through the lens of the Big Camera to be transfixed by wall-to-wall cameras. Featuring over 3000 cameras you’ll get to see how photography has evolved, including getting a glimpse of when before photography was invented to present-day equipment. Whether you’re simply curious or a photo enthusiast you’ll want to add the Big Camera Museum of Photography to your travel itinerary. 

Aunty Joan’s Dolly Mix 

If you had the chance to feel like Alice in Wonderland would you dare try? A visit to Aunty Joan’s Dolly Mix will transport you into a doll wonderland that will leave you speechless. Immediately upon arrival, you’ll be treated to a collection of nearly 1000 porcelain dolls from fairy tales and movies.  While here, take in the lush interior adorned with burgundy cornucopia of satin and velvet with sparkling chandeliers and gold folding. 

A room with a display case full of dolls

The Lace Place 

Located near the renowned Wave Rock, this destination offers a unique treasure trove of attractions. Visitors can explore The Lace Place and The Miniature Soldier Museum, delve into history at Pioneer Town, and find helpful resources at the Tourist Information Centre. 

Of particular interest is The Lace Place, which houses the Blackburn Collection and Val Mouritz Collection, showcasing one of Australia's largest displays of lace. Notable pieces include a fragment of Chantilly lace from Queen Victoria's gown and a square from Princess Diana's wedding veil, adding a touch of royal history to this unique treasure trove.

Australia’s Coral Coast 

Carnarvon Space and Technology 

Who says you need to leave Earth to experience space? At the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum visitors can uncover a surprising chapter in space history, showcasing Carnarvon's pivotal role in the Gemini and Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s. 

Despite its remote location, Carnarvon hosted a bustling community of space technicians who played a crucial part in the successful bid to land the first man on the moon. The museum features fascinating equipment and stories from this era, offering insight into the efforts that made Carnarvon's tracking station the largest outside of the USA. It's a testament to the town's significant contribution to world-changing space technology.

A large free standing satellite dish.
Image source: Carnarvon Space and Tech Museum

Gravity Discovery Centre

Just an hour north of Perth, the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory invites visitors on an immersive journey through astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, and biodiversity. Be prepared to be transported to another world as the centre offers a unique blend of science exploration and aboriginal culture through interactive displays and engaging exhibits. Key attractions include the Learning Tower, Cosmology Gallery, Solar System Walk, Biodiversity Gallery, and the Observatory. 

Nighttime viewing activities are also available, including the special Aboriginal Astronomy Night session, which offers a deeper connection to the celestial world. Visitors are encouraged to book well in advance to secure their spot for this immersive experience.

Australia’s North West

Pearl Luggers by Willie Creek

At Pearl Luggers, now under Willie Creek Pearls, visitors are invited to dive into the captivating history of pearling in Broome. Through tales of the sea, the people, and the legends, guests uncover the rich heritage of this coastal town. Featuring one of the last remaining luggers of Broome and Australia, alongside associated equipment, the lugger era of pearling is vividly brought to life. Additionally, Willie Creek Pearls offers tours to their pearl farm at Willie Creek, providing a comprehensive experience of Broome's pearl industry past and present.

A boat on a dock
Image source: Luggers

Onslow Visitors Centre and Goodshed Museum

The Onslow Goodshed Museum offers a fascinating journey through the history of Onslow, showcasing its resilience and enduring legacy on the west coast. From its humble beginnings to surviving cyclones, Japanese bombings, atomic bomb testing, and administrative changes, Onslow remains a pivotal part of the Ashburton Shire. Housed in the historic Goods Shed, the museum provides a unique glimpse into the town's past, preserving its maritime heritage when shipping was the lifeline of the community. For enthusiasts of history and nostalgia, a visit to the Onslow Goodshed Museum is an unforgettable experience along the west coast to step back in time. 

Australia’s South West

Busselton Museum 

Journey back into time at the Busselton Museum, which houses a diverse collection showcasing the area's rich history. Set within the Old Butter Factory and surrounding small buildings, visitors can explore themed rooms highlighting different industries including dairy, timber, and agriculture, as well as maritime history. Upstairs, displays offer a glimpse into domestic life, featuring intriguing artifacts such as a box adorned with echidna quills. 

After a journey through the museum, visitors can enjoy Vasse River, by taking in the region’s natural beauty. The riverside rotunda also provides a serene spot for birdwatching offering a perfect conclusion to the museum experience. 

A counter with shelves full of vintage items
Image source: Busselton Butter Factory

Belleview Shell Collection

Prepare to be shell-shocked at the Belleview Shell Collection in Australia’s South West. Nothing says otherworldly like a collection of over 30,000 shells and other specimens. For Peter Ignoti since he was a child, shell collecting has been a long-time passion. With his wife Kath, they maintain contact with enthusiasts around the globe. Be sure to shell-ebrate this extensive shell collection with over 30,000 shells and corals found across the globe. 

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